Year 2024 / 24th Edition Tomás Marco

PARTICIPANTS. Pianists of any nationality up to 36 years of age (turned maximum on the day the Competition begins or during the course of the Competition)

– The Competition will consist of 1 Online First Round, Second Round, Semi-Final and Final Round.
– The works to be performed in the second round and semi-final will be performed without repetition.
– All works will be performed from memory, except the pieces of Tomás Marco, this repertory will be allowed to play with score.
– Repeats of pieces performed in the 1st Online Round will be allowed in the Presencial Rounds of the Competition.
– Movements or single pieces of the same work will be admitted in the 1st Round Online and 2nd Round.
– No changes on the programme will be accepted after the inscription deadline.

1st ROUND ONLINE Online Program of free choice. Duration between 15-20 minutes.

– The video must be sent through a link (Youtube, Vimeo or others), attached to the registration form.
– The recording must be made with a single fixed camera, in which the pianist is visible in every moment.
– All works must be recorded in a single take, however it is possible to stop between works or movements.
– Videos from several days or live concerts may be included, however, they must be united in the same file and link.
– Only piano solo pieces will be accepted.

2nd ROUND Maximum duration of 30 minutes. Free choice repertoire that includes at least 5 minutes of music by our honored composer (Tomás Marco).

SEMIFINAL Maximum duration of 40 minutes. Free choice program.

The Jury will value when awarding the Spanish Music Prize the contestant who includes in this Semi-Final Recital a Spanish Work of free choice, to choose between the 19th, 20th or 21st centuries. Another work by Tomás Marco or a work by the composers honoured in previous editions may be performed again: Antón García Abril, Xavier Montsalvatge, Manuel de Falla, Carlos Cruz de Castro, Joaquín Rodrigo, Zulema de la Cruz, Gabriel Fernández Álvez, Claudio Prieto, Cristobal Halffter, Joaquín Turina, José Zárate, Salvador Brotons, Isaac Albéniz, Miguel Ángel Gómez Martínez, Juan Medina, Alejandro Román, Juan Manuel Ruiz and José Luis Turina, Juan Duran, Pascual Gimeno and Enrique Granados.

The Spanish Music Prize may be awarded to any of the semi-finalists who do not reach the final round.

Virtuosos de Madrid International Orchestra.

A Concerto for Piano and Orchestra will be performed, to be chosen from among the following:
J. S. Bach: all
W. A. Mozart: all
L. van Beethoven: all
F. Chopin: no. 1 and no. 2
R. Schumann: Concerto in A minor
F. Liszt: No. 1 and 2
E. Grieg: Concerto in A minor
P. I. Tchaikovsky: No. 1
S. Rachmaninov: No. 2, 3 and Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini
S. Prokofiev no. 1 and 3